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NWAF Mission Statement
« on: May 03, 2011, 07:48:35 pm »
North West Airgun Forums

Welcome to the web space & discussion forums specifically for Air Gunners in the North West UK.

You may be asking - Why this place?
Well, the broader thinking behind this little project is to provide a hub for shooters within the North West to discuss and arrange competitions, club days, special events or just chew the fat in an informal friendly atmosphere.
The site aims to cater for Air Gunners, regardless of discipline they choose to shoot and also whether or not affiliated to a National body such as UKAHFT or the BFTA.
Some of the North West clubs do not currently have their own facility of a club forum, so the site also offers a dedicated forum space for the individual North West clubs ? these areas will be private for the members of those clubs from the members of other clubs should they choose to use it. Naturally this function will need to be moderated by the officials from the club?s involved.

It?s a common goal of bringing some regional unity across the Air Gunning disciplines, after all our shared passion is about using Air Guns in a safe controlled manner within our club environments.

So what's the policy for admission / authorisation to the site?
It's the intention to allow access to people who shoot or want to shoot within the North West, but accounts are manually activated. The admin team have jobs and families, so please be patient and don't expect activation within seconds........ good things come to all who wait etc  ;D

Enjoy the site and participate, it's your participation that will make it a great place to be.

Best Regards

The NWAF Team

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