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UK events.
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:52:50 pm »
Copy and paste from the official ukahft facebook page

UKAHFT 2020 Season update:
Following the latest government advise and the best guess of what is the likely shape of the future guidance we have taken the view that round 5 and 6 at MAD cannot go ahead as a UKAHFT double header and as such the 2020 UKAHFT season is therefore no longer viable as a season.
We await to see if the Worlds will go ahead and will advise on this by mid-August.
Clubs are able to arrange local competitions allowing for the restrictions on social distancing and hygiene but clearly events with over a hundred competitors on site and requiring significant numbers of hotel rooms in the locality are still not possible.
Should the situation start to unlock UKAHFT would be keen to work with hosting clubs to arrange some one-off events this year such as a UK open and would publish more news as these become available.
We look forward to normal service being resumed in 2021

Copied this off Airgun forum......As I don't do face book
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